A Family Christmas

For the first time ever this year we opted to fly instead of drive to visit family for Christmas. Amidst ice storms and dozens of cancelled or delayed flights, we somehow got lucky with only a short delay. I was so glad I packed my watercolour book and Derwent Inktense pencils to pass the time. In the airport lounge we were amused by two little kids, Olivia and Jack, as they goofed around. They moved way to quickly to sketch, so I drew Jack’s luggage horsy with his jacket propped over the handle instead. On the turbulent plane ride to Toronto, I was captivated by an elderly lady absorbed in her crosswords puzzles.

Sketchbook 2

We spent the first night with my brother and sister-in-law and our 3 nieces, ages 3, 5, and 7. Then we borrowed their car and drove to Wakefield, Quebec to spend Christmas in Wakefield with my sister and her family. We’ll return on the 29th to celebrate New Years with them. My sister and her husband built their dream home this year, and I was really excited to share their first Christmas in it together.

I gave my 8 year old niece, Claire, a watercolour set for Christmas along with some learn-to-draw books. We started every morning together drawing interesting things around the house… Christmas ornaments, plants, Claire’s stuffies…

Some of the fun things we sketched and painted…

Sketchbook 5

Sketchbook 6

Sketchbook 7

They have the BEST dog, Stella. I just love her so much. Truly one of the coolest, quirkiest, loving dogs ever. I sketched this image of her in mere seconds. She usually doesn’t stay still this long so I got lucky. Their cat Walter is looking not too pleased as he pretends he didn’t already eat his breakfast. He knows I know, because I already fed him before anyone woke up. He thinks I didn’t tell anyone though, and is trying to get away with a second helping. Little piggy!

Sketchbook 8

Family 1

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