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In a way I’m glad we’ve had the craziest winter ever. I won’t miss it next year when I’m sun-soaked on a beach somewhere and everything here is covered in cold wet mud, snow, and ice. At least that’s what I’m telling myself ;)

So far… We’ve been injected with every type of vaccination imaginable and are still alive and well. Our portable 100w solar panel has arrived and looks promising, charging well in full shade. Stefan borrowed a friend’s garage bay last Saturday and was able to remove the truck’s bumper and install the heavy-duty bush bumper (with the help of 3 guys!) which will hold our spare tire with an interchangeable mount for a winch. I’m continuing to purge our cupboards and closets when I have an hour here and there (I found enough sunscreen, toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste to last a lifetime). All our paper bills are now e-bills (everyone should do this btw- imagine the trees we can save!), my driver’s license was renewed last week, and my renewed passport should be here in a couple weeks. I’ve added all the Central American maps to our Garmin Nuvi GPS and bought all our waterproof paper maps. We bought a new mattress for our camper, a foldable/portable outdoor table and chairs, and extra storage to keep everything organized. Our taxes are finally all up to date (YAY!), and we found a lovely family to rent out our home for 13 months. The lease is signed! I’ve gone for a check-up with our family doctor, and went to my optometrist last week. I had to order new glasses (which bites when you don’t have insurance) but on the bright side, my eyes are getting better! Next week is my dentist appointment (ugh). Stefan has our garage to build (the slab is getting poured on Thursday, and he begins framing on Friday). I’ve got 3 commissions left to paint, a studio sale to prepare for, our lives to pack up, and… Oh, Good News! I just landed a new part-time job writing product label copy that I started this month and I can continue to do while travelling. Bonus!

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy updating my online Etsy Shop and figuring out how to self-host this WordPress site into something that can act as both my Painted Road Project and Ocean Art Studio websites for the year I’m on the road. For a not-so-techy-lady this is no small feat! It will look nice though with custom buttons, a real-time link to my art for sale, and a column to show off our sponsors, which I will be sharing soon. It should be finished in a couple weeks!

I keep thinking…maybe I should write a book about all this stuff.

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  1. You will be the first blog I have ever followed. Sooo looking forward to your adventure.

    • That is so exciting, Angie, thank you! I’m touched…

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