Creative Chick-Flick Studio Night

Last night I had the BEST time hanging out with my sister, Cheryl, in her studio. She wood burned while I painted! Check out her Tumblr site @ohmyampersand to see what she’s been up to. She calls these beautiful little wooden pieces her “art therapy”.

We poured fresh glasses of wine and settled in to our creative zones. I flipped through an old StandUp Journal and came across  a photo by Glenn Dubock I felt drawn to use as a reference to paint from. Cheryl turned on her wood burning tool.

We chose a chick flick from Netflix to watch (listen to) while we painted and crafted together, The Lucky One.

Big Sur Lookoff, 12″x9″ original oil painting on canvas panel. Now available Online in my Etsy Shop HERE.

Oil Painting (Seascape_on easel), May 29

Oil Painting (Seascape), May 29

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  1. Beautiful picture. So nice to be able to follow you this way!! Great that you can spend time with your sister.

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