Week 2 // Wakefield, Quebec

By the second week I could feel the accumulated stress of the past 6 months begin to dissipate. It really helped that we were parked in a little wooded paradise.

One evening Cheryl, Claire, Stella, and I went for a walk up the “Red Trail”, the hiking trail behind the house. We could see a storm brewing in the distance. From the look-off the sky was spectacular, but the storm was moving quickly so we picked up the pace to a jog back down the trail. Suddenly the sky darkened and the wind picked up. Out of the woods we were startled by a loud trumpety-whistly sound that really scared Claire. I imagined it must be the wind blowing in a huge hollowed tree trunk. Cheryl imagined it was bull moose call. Just as we blew through the door, the sky opened up into a downpour.

Claire, Cheryl, and Stella at look-off

Claire at look-off

Stella's portrait at look-off

The Saturday Wakefield Market is a bustling gathering place for young families, artisans, gardeners, and chefs. We enjoyed some yummy treats and chatted with friends and neighbours. Children played under a large tree canopy, and dogs wrestled on the new spring grass.

Market sign

Claire and Cheryl with tree



Gingerbread cookies

Wakefield grannies

Phylo display

Phyllo in hand

Veggie sign

Fresh lettuce and herbs

Wagon full of plants


Kids playing on tree

Sinner's Pantry sign

One morning I was greeted in the washroom by this toothy beast resting on the bathtub rim.

Bathtub Shark

All around this quaint town you’ll find Art sneaking through in everyday things…

ART sign

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  1. Hi. Sure enjoyed your latest up-date. Sounds like you are enjoying your visit with your sister and family.

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