Weeks 9 & 10 // Whistler, British Columbia

It had been several years since we had last seen Lief and Kane, our little ‘nephews’, after they moved back to their home town of Whistler, British Columbia. Kids grow so quickly, I was worried a bit that they would’t love us or remember us like they used to. The family lived in Nova Scotia for a year and half, while Adam was flying for Provinical Air and Peta transferred to Lululemon in Halifax. They would come hang out with us almost every weekend back in Nova Scotia where we go to the skate park, to the beach, and have campfires in our yard. So yeah, we were really excited to hang out with them again! And of course as it always is with the best of friends, it was like no time had passed.

Whistler street skating 1

The boys took to showing their skills. They went to the skate park while I went for a run with Peta. I heard the kids and Adam all tore up the bowl. Stefan was totally blown away. They’ve grown into amazing fearless athletes.

Whistler street skating 2

Whistler street skating 3

Whistler was in the midst of a heat wave when we arrived. We spent our days lake hopping from the secret gem Hippie Lake to Lost Lake to Rainbow and Blueberry.

Hippie Lake, Dock

Hippie Lake, Kane

We really got lucky with our timing. Matt Mays and El Torpedo, and Gord Downy and The Sadies put on an amazing free concert at the Whistler Olympic Plaza in the Village. When Matt Mays introduced City of Lakes with a bit about Dartmouth, Adam jumped up and cheered. He was the only one in the crowd with a few cheers fist pumps from Stefan and I. Not to be too biased, but Matt totally blew Gord’s performance out of the water. It was incredible! If only the set was later in the evening when the sun went down and the crowd’s energy transformed the mood.

Matt Mays 1

Matt Mays 6

Matt Mays 5

Matt Mays 4

Matt Mays 3

Matt Mays 2

Gord Downie & The Sadies 1

Gord Downie & The Sadies 2

Gord Downie & The Sadies 3

Gord Downie & The Sadies 4

Olympic rings


Saturday we went to check out the Farmer’s Market in town after a quick dip in Lost Lake.

Lost Lake

Whistler Market

I met a local encaustic artist Linda Jones who was set up painting live in front of the Mountain Gallery.

Whistler Market 5

Whistler Market 4

Peta and Adam’s neighbour across their street makes this delicious homemade balsamic vinegar.

Whistler Market 2

Whistler Market 3

The village is truly a playground for all ages!

Whistler playground 1

Whistler playground 2

The heat was so intense, standing still made you sweaty. Playing, SUPing, swimming, and fishing at Hippie Lake was our favourite place.

Hippie Lake, Riviera SUP

Hippie Lake, Dock 2

Hippie Lake, Kane log walking

Hippie Lake, Lief log walking

Hippie Lake, Lief and Kane

Hippie Lake, Lief fishing

Hippie Lake, Peta & Lief & Kane

Hippie Lake, Lief SUPing 2

Hippie Lake, Lief SUPing

Hippie Lake, Stefan and kids SUPing

Tuna Co

The kids already had canvases and paints, looking forward to painting with me. They each chose a photo I had taken of them at Hippie Lake, and I gave them painting pointers and tips. I wish I had taken photos of their finished paintings. They looked so nice!!!

Painting with Lief and Kane

One of the best times was paddling down the River of Golden Dreams. Two pairs of us paddled canoes, a few on SUPs, Kane paddling the windsurf board, we headed out from Blueberry Dock to the river. It was so scenic, through clear waters, little rapids, sandy banks, twisty turns, and marshes. We passed by herds of guys drifting on tubes and drinking beers. Others in blow-up dingies. We stopped for a yummy picnic lunch before finishing the river paddle.

River of Golden Dreams 1

River of Golden Dreams 2

With such memorable rich visits like our time with friends in Whistler, with family in Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec, our hearts are growing bigger and bigger. Each day that passes we fall deeper in love with this new life, albeit temporary. Life is meant to be lived, and for the first time in years, I really feel like we’re living it to the fullest.

xo D&S

3 Comments on “Weeks 9 & 10 // Whistler, British Columbia

  1. Oh Daina and Stefan,
    I am so glad you have had the wisdom and the guts and worked so hard to make this trip happen. Life is for living and you two are proving that with a strong partnership, you can live it to the fullest!!! I really enjoyed this part of the journey. I can see all along the way, what you have invested in has been rich relationships with family and friends while appreciating the beautiful world around us. Can’t wait for the next write up which includes your visit with Rina, Paul and the kids!!! Love Ne Ne

    • Aw thanks Ne Ne!! It’s amazing how when we travel life just flows and all falls in to place, despite all the newness and unknown. It’s very easy so far. I’m sure when we get to Latin America it will be much more challenging, just trying to communicate and read. But that’s the best way to learn a language anyway, by fully submerging into it. We’re really enjoying each other’s company and this way of life. Better than I could have imagined it! Reconnecting with friends and family has been incredibly rich in itself. If we went home now, only 1/3 of the day through, I’d still be happy. We’re so grateful for all your wonderful words of support. We love you so much Ne Ne!! Big Hugs from both of us.

  2. Finally getting back on the internet and following your posts. You two are surely enjoying your travels, spending time with family and friends. So happy for you. We enjoy seeing pictures of the places we visited on our two trips West. Take care and hopefully, there will be no more truck problems. I get really emotional when I see pictures of the truck/camper. Hugs, Frances and Jim

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